AG.HC.KOBY.1L - Alcohol Gel HAND-CARE - 1 Litre

Product Description

AG.HC.KOBY.1L - Alcohol Gel HAND-CARE - 1 Litre

Product Notified to DGS (Direção Geral de Saúde - Portugal's Directorate-General of Health)

Hydroalcoholic Solution with Innovative Formula
Alcohol-based disinfectant solution with 72% (v/v) alcohol for hand cleaning and sanitization. Ideal for disinfecting hands without rinsing, eliminating viruses and bacteria. It evaporates quickly and doesn't dehydrate your hands leaving your skin smooth.

• 1 Litres

• Solution with 72% alcohol
• Effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria
• Doesn't dehydrate your hands leaving your skin smooth
• Quick evaporation
• Leaves no residue

Suitable for disinfecting hands eliminating viruses and bacteria.

How to Use
Apply a small amount of the product on your hands. Rub them well and let them dry without rinsing, specially the nails, fingertips and the space between them. Before applying the product we recommend you to wash your hands previously with water and soap.
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Brand : handlie
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