CA.HIT - homeit Wifi - Smart access control for Local Accommodations

Product Description

Smart lock for Local Accommodations

Now with Wifi, higher security (locks the doors), compatible with euro cylinders and with DIY installation.

Smart lock system controlled by internet. Possibility of remotely unlock/lock the building and apartment door locks and create temporary access codes for your guests and family members.

Lets you know exactly who used the lock and when through free software.

The system includes one homeit box (hub), one homeit keypad and one Nuki smart lock V2. Easily installed system, without cables.

homeit BOX
The homeit BOX can be screwed or glued easily to the wall with the adhesive tape already included in the box. If you choose to connect to the intercom, you must install the homeit BOX near it.

Here’s how to install it - Here 
Installation video - Here 

homeit PAD

You can easily glue the keypad to the wall with the adhesive tape already included in the box. Our keypad has no cables and runs on batteries (already included) lasting more than 1 year.

Nuki smart lock
The Nuki smart lock is easily installed on your door, under your existing lock and key. Depending on the height of the lock, the smart lock can be supported or glued on the door. The key will be controlled by Nuki as soon as everything is set up.

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