KOBY LIQUID NAIL - KOBY - Assembly adhesive - Liquid nail

Product Description

Colors: Beige
Cartridge: 300ml

• Ready to use assembly adhesive, also known as liquid nail, with fast adhesion and solvents based on neoprene resin, for universal use and adheres to many materials.
• It can be used in vertical bondings, because it doesn't drip
• Replaces nails and screws perfectly in many situations.

• Easy application
• Fast adhesion
• Fast bonding
Adhesion over smooth and rough surfaces, in interiors and exteriors.
• Non-corrosive
• Replaces nails and screws
• For vertical bondings - Doesn't drip.
• Moisture resistant
• Expiration date of 12 months after it's packaged, as long as it's stored in a cool and dry place.

Main Applications:
All types of bonding and assembly techniques of wood, chipboard, MDF, plastic, stone, metals, concrete and other building materials.
Bonding of:
- Plinths, floors, wood panels to the wall;
- Kitchen countertops;
- Carpet, ceramic, plasterboards

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Brand : KOBY
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