SILIRUB AC - SOUDAL - Silicone sealant - Acetic

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Acetic silicone sealant
Color: clear, white, grey, black and brown.
Package: 300 ml cartridge

SILIRUB AC is a high quality professional acetic silicone sealant. Contains fungicide (doesn't blacken).

• Excellent application
• Colorfast
• Doesn't blacken
• Excellent resistance to UV radiation
• Permanent elasticity after curing
Excellent adhesion on many materials 
• Curing in contact with the atmosphere

Main applications:
• Recommended for sealing gaskets and bonding in glass, aluminium, carpentry, PVC, ceramic, plastic and vitrified or enameled surfaces.
• Good adhesion when bonding glass and crystal
• For all building and construction joints
• Glass and joints between aluminium and rubber (masonry)
• Expansion joints between building materials of any kind.
• Sealing between treated wood and glass

Guaranteed expiration date: over 3 months

For more information see the technical information in the pdf - Here


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Brand : SOUDAL
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