The products’ applicable warranty period is 2 years, required by law, or more years when established by the manufacturer or distributor. The number of years of warranty is specified on the products’ details page, and in case the information isn’t there it should be assumed that the warranty period is 2 years.

In case of malfunction within the warranty period, the consumer should contact our customer support customer@handlie.com and we’ll inform you about the procedure.

Professional Customer or Special Orders

The warranty has a maximum period of 6 months or other period if established by the product’s manufacturer or distributor. This warranty excludes possible faults in the application or use that doesn't comply with its intended purpose. When potential complaints relating to this warranty are fair, it implies reparation, and in case that that isn’t possible, the replacement of the faulty products. Any costs related to the replacement process and application of the mentioned products aren’t our responsibility.