CA.1411 - Access control for furniture - PIN code

Product Description

Access control for cabinets - With PIN code

Application in community environments as well as private environments, where it's required to store documents and/or objects safely.

Main applications:
- Changing rooms (lockers in gyms, sports centres, spas, hospitals, schools, factories, among others)
- Cabinets (banks, stores, hypermarkets, etc.)
- Safe deposit boxes
- Drawers and cabinets for offices
- It can be installed in wooden or metal doors

Kit with:
- Keypad
- Locking system

• Dimension: Ø43,3mm
• Maximum door thickness: 18mm
• Fixing: M19 - Compatible with existing holes in mechanical cam locks
• Mounting dimensions: 16x19mm
• Material: Zinc alloy, plastic and steel
• Applied in right or left handed cabinet doors
• Closing direction: Left (90º)
• Power: 1 CR2450 battery (not included)
• Battery life: 3000 cyles
• In private mode by default - permanent user code
• It can be changed to public mode - temporary user code, a new code is used each time
• Code: 4 to 15 digits
• Maximum number of codes: 1

• Ergonomic
• Easy installation and programming
• High quality design
• Battery replacement on the exterior
• Easy integration
• Adjustable latch: every 45º
• Reset button
• Easy replacement of existing mechanical cam locks
• Low battery alert
• Alarm if you enter the wrong code 4 times
• Fake code system: you can enter the wrong code before the correct code, to prevent the code from being copied by outsiders

For more information consult the technical drawing.

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Brand : handlie
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