Cancelling or Returning Professional/Special Orders


Professional customer or Special Orders

The reception of the sold merchandise must be done within 8 days after the issuing of the sales document, and it should be checked right after its reception. Any non-compliance (product, quantity or quality) should be reported to us within 24 hours after reception.

Returns are accepted due to:

  • A mistake by our services; the product sent doesn’t match the placed order.
  • Possible quality deficiencies, after being analyzed and proven by our services.
  • Other cases, different from the mentioned above, are analyzed occasionally. However, when the return request is accepted and its malfunction wasn’t our responsibility, the credit memo may be processed with a 20% deduction of the products value, for treatment and handling expenses.
  • Returns of special orders are never accepted.

The product and the corresponding package must always be in perfect conditions and the returned merchandise must have its return form or document according to legal requirements