CA.1460 - Furniture access control

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Furniture access control

Suitable for locker rooms, saunas, golf courses, oil rigs, companies, schools, hotels and supermarket lockers.

Versatile operating system that allows the user to set his own code. The system has 2 operating modes (private and public).

In the private mode the system opens with the code and closes after 3 seconds.

In the public mode the system is open, it locks after the code is set, and you have to introduce it again to unlock it. In the public mode if the system is open, the code you introduce is going to be the new code, and it replaces the previous one. In both modes the system is also protected with a master code.

In case of power failure, the system can be externally charged through an USB port on the keypad.

Accessories for a kit:
• 1 zinc alloy keypad - 56,1 x 14 x 85,9 mm (W/D/H)
• 1 plastic lock case - 45 x 29 x 118 mm (W/D/H)
• 1 metal strike

• User and master code
• Code from 1 to 10 digits
• In public mode by default (temporary user code) but it can be changed to private mode (permanent user code)
• Low battery alert
• DC 6V Power supply (4 1,5V AA Alkaline batteries)
• Battery life: Opens > 20.000 cycles, and it can still open 200 times after the low battery alert.
• External power supply input
• Operating temperature: -15 to +65 degrees Celsius
• Operating humidity: <= 95%

External battery.

For more information see the technical information image and pdf - Here


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Brand : handlie
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