CA.6603 - Access control with fingerprint and proximity card reader

Product Description

Access control with fingerprint and proximity card reader

Waterproof, protection level - IP 66

Kit with:
• 1 Access control with fingerprint and RFID card reader
• 2 master cards (to add or remover users)
• 1 User manual
• 1 Remote control
• 1 Allen Key
• 2 Self-tapping Screws
• Wall plugs (for fixing)
• Star screws (for fixing)
• 1 Diode 1N4004 (for relay protection)

Standalone access control
Access with: Fingerprint or RFID card reader
User capacity: 3000
2000 with card
1000 with fingerprint recognition
Waterproof, protection level IP66
Latch mode to hold the door or gate open
Vandal proof
Screen lights up when people approach it
Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial access doors like factories, warehouses, labs, banks among others
Full programming with infrared remote control
Add/ remove users with master cards
Time programming for door opening (0 to 10s)
Integrated alarm and external sound signal
Color LEDs to indicate status
Possibility of numbering the cards or accessing data (access records)

Supply voltage: 12V DC
Resolution: 500 DPI
Fingerprint recognition time: <1s
Card reading time: <1s
Type of RFID card: EM 125KHz
Card reading distance: <2 cm
Operating current <150mA
Standby power: <45mA
Lock maximum current: 2A
Alarm maximum current: 5A
Operating temperature: -30ºC to 60ºC
Relative humidity resistance: 20% - 95%
Time adjustment for door opening: 0-10s
Alarm adjustment: 0-3 minutes
Wiegand Output: 26-44bits
Installation and operating instructions included
Dimensions: 128x48x26mm

Supplied separately:

• RFID EM 125KHZ user cards - HERE
• Electric locks and strikes
• Power Supply TRE.TA.6800K3A - 3A - HERE

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