CM.F20 - KINVARO Lid Stay - Lift mechanism with spring - damper - 3D Adjustment | GRASS

Product Description

CM.F20 - KINVARO Lid Stay 

Lift mechanism with spring. Damped and soft closing.
The door stops in any position.
Adjustable opening limit up to 90º. Maximum opening 120º
3D adjustment

Kit with:

  • Mechanism pair (Right - Left)
  • Cover caps pair (Right - Left)
  • Fixing cover caps and supports pair for wooden door
  • 2 central hinges

Door height and weight option:

  • 700 to 749mm - 6.5 to 16.4 kg
  • 700 to 900mm - 6.5 to 19.2 kg

For doors with a width of more than 900mm we recommend a module/ door connection hinge: apply Tiomos right cup hinge 110º to 120º, without damper.

For more information see the technical information image.


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Brand : Grass
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