COR.7006.1 - DYNAPRO TMSC - GRASS - Concealed slides with Soft-Close for drawers / Full extension slide / 70kg | GRASS

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DYNAPRO - COR.7006.1
Concealed slides pair with Soft-Close for drawers GRASS

• Full extension slide
• Soft-Close (with damper)
• Load capacity: 70kg
• Dimensions: 500 / 550mm

Zinc-coated steel slide

- Full extension slides with integrated soft-close
- Option: with "DYNAPRO TIPMATIC" slides 
- PUSH OPEN System
- Fully synchronized slides without mid-way knock
- Silent slide and damping
- Maximum panel thickness: 16mm
- Integrated 3D adjustment with suitable accessories
» Height: +3,5mm
» Width: ±1,5mm
» Tilt: +4mm
-COR.F134.101.220 Front support kit for 1D adjustment: Height
- COR.F134.125.FR Front support kit for 2D adjustment: Height / width
- COR.F134.125.TR Back support kit for 1D adjustment: Tilt
- COR.F134.125.FR + COR.134.125.TR Support kit for 3D adjustment: Height / width / tilt

- Choose between Soft-Close or Tipmatic (Push Open) slide system, without needing to change the drawer.
- GRASS Quality - Austria

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