D.3D - 3D Adjustable Drill-in Hinge

Product Description

Ø14 and Ø16 3D Adjustable Drill-in Hinge

3D Adjustable drill-in hinges for doors or windows, with Ø14 and Ø16 and in Stainless Steel or Zinc-coated Steel
• Load capacity (3 steel hinges): 90Kg
• Dimensions: Ø14x82mm and Ø16x82mm


Possibility of 3D adjustment:
- Vertical adjustment of 4mm with threaded conical bolt 1 that operates the stainless steel-coated rotating sphere on the adjustable drill-in hinge 4
- Horizontal/perpendicularity adjustment of drill-in hinge 3
- Pressure/depth adjustment
• Self-lubricating sleeve 2
• Suitable for fire doors
• CE Certification
• Cover caps in several finishes
• Appropriate molds for application available

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Brand : AGB
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