D.GRA.F053.139.671 - TIOMOS FLAP - Full overlay hinge - 3D Adjustment | GRASS

Product Description

D.GRA.F053.139.671 - TIOMOS FLAP hinge, Full Overlay

TIOMOS FLAP hinge is extremely functional, because when combined with the KINVARO D lifting mechanism it allows the creation of a continuity of the furniture for the cabinet's door, offering maximum functionality and design.

It allows perfect accessibility to the furniture, with an opening angle of 90º and it is also compatible with the TIPMATIC system - Here - therefore not needing handles or knobs.

• Load capacity: 12kg
• Thickness: 14 to 28mm
• Finish: Bright Nickel
• Compatible with TIOMOS FLAP cover cap - Here

3D Adjustment:

• Height adjustment: -3mm + 2mm
• Door depth adjustment: 0 + 5mm
• Side adjustment: -1 + 1mm
• Overlay: up to 19mm
• Front gap: up to 1.5mm

For more information see the pdf - Here

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Brand : Grass
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