MS.30P - SOUDAL - Universal parquet adhesive - MS Polymer

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Universal parquet adhesive - MS Polymer

Package: 18kg

MS-30P is a universal parquet adhesive, water and solvent free, based on MS polymer®, particularly suitable for bonding many types of parquets, floors or other coatings to many indoor substrates.
MS-30P cures through a chemical reaction. Once fully cured, an elastic and non-shrinkable layer is formed, which is resistant to moisture and heat. The adhesive has excellent adhesion to the most common substrates used in the construction industry. MS-30P is water and solvent free, minimising the risk of deforming the wood.

• Ready to use;
One component;
• EC-1 label: very low emissions;
• Completely solvent free;
Free of water;
• Free of isocyanates;
• Easy to apply;
• Forms stable peaks once applied with the appropriate trowel;
• Fast cure; fast build up of final bond strength;
• Color: Light brown.

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Brand : SOUDAL
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