PRO.30D - SOUDAL - White adhesive for wood - D3

Product Description

Adhesive for wood
Color: Semi-clear
Quantity option: 750gr or 20L

• Ready to use solvent free dispersion adhesive for wood with fast cure and high water resistance.

• Easy application
• Semi-clear after curing
Very strong bonding
• Excellent for bonding in high humidity environments 
• Water resistant - D3
• Fast cure • Application time: 15 minutes
• Pressing time: 60 minutes

Main applications:
Bonding of carpentry
• Bonding of wood elements on the exterior
Bonding / mounting of hard and tropical woods
• Bonding of MDF boards, chipboards, veneers and plywoods
• Bonding of wood furniture for the exterior

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Brand : SOUDAL
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