RAPID-FIX D4 - KOBY - Assembly adhesive D4 - Beige

Product Description

Assembly adhesive D4
Color: beige
Cartridge: 300ml

Assembly adhesive based on polyurethane, solvent free, with fast cure and high bonding capacity.
• Suitable to bond almost all building materials, like metal, stone, wood, plastic, bonding of insulation materials including expanded polystyrene, with an extremely strong and resistant bonding. It has good water resistance (D4) and can also be used in vertical bondings.

• Easy application
• Extra strong bonding
• High initial tack
• Fast bonding
Excellent filling capacity of cavities/irregularities
Extremely high adherence and adhesive power
• Effective even in moist surfaces
• Water resistant - D4
• Non-corrosive
• Doesn't stain the surfaces
• Expiration date of 12 months after it's packaged, as long as it's stored in a cool and dry place

Main applications:
All types of wood bonding.
• Suitable for all types of construction surfaces like wood, concrete, stone, metal, PVC and aluminium.
• Bonding of:
- Doors, windows, furniture; panels
- Insulation materials / expanded polystyrene
- Sandwich panels
- Structural bonding of construction elements

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Brand : KOBY
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