HYDROTECH WOOD colorless - Solvent free water-repellent / waterproofer

Product Description

Solvent free water-repellent / waterproofer

High-quality solvent free water-repellent / waterproofer with KOBY Protect technology that protects wood from water damage, forming an invisible waterproofing barrier that repels water, preventing its absorption. This prevents the formation of fungi and moulds, the rotting of wood and the appearance of cracks caused by contraction and expansion cycles.

• 5 Litres

• Invisible waterproofing barrier
• Prevents wood rotting
• Prevents the appearance of fungi and moulds
• Prevents the appearance of cracks
• Long-lasting protection for several years
• Colorless. Doesn't change the original appearance of the wood
• Material remains breathable
• No film formation
• Easy application
• UV resistant. Perfect for exteriors

• Interior and exterior carpentry
• Tables
• Chairs
• Floors
• Decks
• Garden furniture
• Fences
• Windows
• Pergolas
• Porches
• Any porous wood surface

- Apply with brush, roller, sprayed with a gun, ...
- Apply one layer, let it dry and, if needed, apply a second or third layer until the wood is saturated.
- Estimated performance: 5L = 20/25m2 depending on wood porosity.
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