IDEA BASE - Rim panic bar with 1 locking point - Metal Grey

Product Description

Panic bar

Kit includes:
Metal grey central mechanism for 1 self-locking / fire resistant locking point (modular)
Metal grey horizontal oval bar (1130mm)

• For single or double doors
• Width: up to 1285mm
• Certified according to CE highest standards: EN 1125; CE 1121; ICIM
• For wooden, aluminium, PVC, iron or glass doors
Suitable for glass or metal doors with narrow frame
• Easy installation. Reversible Right / Left
• Versatile and with high level of security

Finishes: Metal grey bar and mechanisms

These panic bars have an AntiGerm treatment with antibacterial protection, reducing 99% of transmission of bacteria, for improved hygiene and user health safety.

Application options with:
• Fixed or turning exterior handle, with or without cylinder. Option: apply cylinders with alike or master keys
• Simple exterior cylinder
• Lateral locking; Vertical / lateral, lateral or vertical top and bottom locking
• Dogging device
• Microswitch kit
• Electric strike
• Accessories for glass doors

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Brand : ISEO
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