Soudafoam Comfort Genius Gun - Manual - One component, expanding polyurethane foam

Product Description

Manual application with pressure pump
A genius solution that boosts the easy manual application of PU foams by professionals or DIY enthusiasts.

Application: Manual application with pressure pump
Aerosol can: 600ml
Color: Cream-colored

COMFORT GENIUS GUN FOAM is a one component, self-expanding polyurethane foam. GENIUS GUN innovative system: a more practical and easier way to manually apply polyurethane foam. Thanks to GENIUS GUN easy system, the pump ensures perfect adherence to the hand, very precise control and perfect dosage. The special device to close the pump allows for the product to be applied up to 6 weeks after first use.

• Ready to use one component self-expanding polyurethane foam, that cures with atmospheric humidity.
• Without HCFC and CFC. The propellants are harmless to the ozone layer.
• Excellent adhesion to concrete, brick, stone, stucco, wood, asbestos cement, metal and synthetic materials like polyurethane, polyester and hard PVC.
• The materials should be clean, free of dust and grease.
• It can be painted or coated.
• Mainly applied for insulation and filling of connection joints, union joints, joints and openings for example in:
- Bonding and installation of window and door frames.
- Caulking of small openings.
- Filling of openings and cavities.
- Fixing and caulking of roof elements (sheet, connection of roof tile - ridge)
- Thermal and acoustic insulation
- Bonding of piping in installation phase.
- Optimization of the insulation in refrigeration units.
• Among others, we highly recommend you to previously spray the surfaces with water, and in case of plaster based surfaces, you should apply more water because of this material's absorption capacity.
• Shake the can thoroughly before and during the application.
• Store it in a cool and dry place, and always vertically.
• Guaranteed expiration date: 12 months after production and packing date, or expiration date on the package itself.

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Brand : SOUDAL
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