DV.TEG.310.2D - Glass hinge TECTUS GLASS 2D - Load capacity 60 or 80Kgs (2 Hinges) | SIMONSWERK

Product Description

Glass door hinge
With 2D Adjustment

Load capacity: Doors up to 60 or 80kg (2 hinges, doors 2300x1000mm)

With 2D adjustment:
- Side +3 / -2mm
- Height +/- 1mm

Hinge system with a minimalist concept, functional and elegant for the installation of flush glass doors. The TECTUS GLASS hinge combined with the frame and the flush glass surface give the door a fascinating elegance and unprecedented light and transparency, with good acoustic insulation.
Additional components like the magnetic latch and door pull handle make it possible to provide an aesthetically modern global solution, with high technical precision and functionality.
To be applied in office doors, commercial or residential use.

• Glass thickness: 8 to 10mm
• Load capacity: Up to 60 or 80 Kg (2 hinges)
• For 10mm glass thickness, the suitable load capacity (60 or 80 kg) corresponds to 2300x1000mm doors.
• Easy installation. Doesn't require glass machining
• Ambidextrous: For right or left handed doors / top or bottom application
• Flush-fitted in wooden, aluminium or steel frames
• With 2D adjustment - Height and width
• Opening angle 180º
• Silent operation
• Finishes: satin stainless steel, traffic white (RAL 9016) or matt grey (NCSS8000-N)

Complete solution for flush glass doors
DV.TEG.310.2D (TECTUS GLASS) + T.KC.50 + F.CT.KC.50G + A.KC.17.200

Complete solution for flush glass doors
The magnetic latch T.KC.50 as well as the strike plate F.CT.KC.50G allow for a contactless and silent closing, which can be individually adjusted to the desired type of closing. This solution is combined with the pull handle A.KC.17.200 that matches the hinge and the design of the door perfectly. The installation of standard commercially available components is also possible, combined with suitable components.

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