Application of hinges and door closers

Application of hinges and door closers

Taking into consideration that the hinges are manufactured to support a particular weight, for the proper operation, safety and longevity of the door, it’s necessary to consider several factors to apply the appropriate hinge.

The weight, width, and height of the door, frequency of use and any additional accessories installed are important factors to be taken into consideration when calculating the theoretical weight of the door or window.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend a previous consultation whenever you have to apply hinges on doors or windows whose dimensions or weights are higher than normal. According to the EN 1935 standard, applied to single axis hinges, you should consider the following information:

  • Doors or windows with extra width see table 1
  • Door closer application, consider +20% on the actual weight of the door
  • Door closer application with hold-open or closing timer, consider +75% on the actual weight of the door
  • The frequency of use or doors submitted to possible acts of vandalism are also factors to be considered when determining the type of hinge to apply.

For wide doors or windows, you must correct the mass to be supported by the hinges.

For doors or windows with constant height of 2000 and thickness up to 40 mm, the correction factors listed in table 1 should be considered.


Example: For a door with 50 kg of actual weight, 2000 of height and 1200 of width, add 33% = 66,5Kgs. When the factor obtained by dividing the height by the width is equal to or exceeds 2 (for example, 2000/900 = 2.22) no correction should be done.

It should be noted, however, that these calculations aren’t applied in spring hinges and pivot systems.

Application of hinges

In most cases, the door is supported by two hinges. However, we recommend you to use a third hinge to help stabilize the door, besides offering an increase of load capacity and longevity of its operation.

The application of a fourth hinge may be necessary for doors with a height higher than 2000mm or with excessive weight. In wooden doors with self-closing devices (door closers), at least three hinges should be applied, regardless of the weight and dimension of the door.

We recommend you to apply the hinges according to the following image.

Colocação de dobradiças

Maintenance of hinges

We recommend a regular inspection and maintenance of the hinges (twice a year), specially in hinges applied to exit doors, in order to assure the perfect functioning of the panic / emergency devices.

Maintenance should include the appropriate lubrication and checking of the fixing points. The hinges applied to exterior doors require more frequent inspections due to its higher risk of corrosion.

We provide appropriate maintenance / cleaning products for corrosion points in Stainless Steel hinges.

If you have any question contact us, we are always here to help you!

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